Saturday, 30 May 2015

Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

I wish I didn't need to use a spot treatment. I wish I had perfectly clear skin! But I don't, and without some sort of spot treatment my skin would be havoc! As I sit and write this post my skin isn't having a good week. It's probably hormonal but my skin just seems to be loving breaking out on me. Nevermind though, you have to get on with things, and a spot treatment certainly helps those blemishes get on with that healing thing.

I've always wanted to try Lush Grease Lightning, as I'd heard so many good things about it! Everyone pretty much said their spots had reduced in size and heralded this as their skin saviour! Either they exaggerated massively, or my spots just take a whole lot longer to reduce in size. I'm going to disagree with the latter though and blame it on the rave reviews that are probably exaggerated. Don't get me wrong it is a good spot treatment, they do reduce in size ever so slightly and they certainly heal faster using this, and I can't forget to mention that redness does get reduced. It sounds perfect, but it does all of them things minimally (except for the healing bit). So maybe I had too high of an expectation for this, or maybe the special spot fighting ingredients just don't work to their optimum on my skin, but either way it's not blown me away. I don't see a repurchase on the horizon, but I can see myself using it up. This isn't a massive bitchfest, it's simply highlighting that just because some people love a product doesn't mean you will. Grease Lightning is a mediocre product, but one that doesn't irritate my skin further so it gets brownie points for that!

If you have any spot treatment recommedations, then sling them my way!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

If you have blemish prone skin then you'll understand why you concealer is an important makeup step in your routine! I was having a little bit of a 'OMG, my concealers just aren't high coverage enough and I need something stronger'  moment and next thing I knew, the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer was in my shopping basket.

Now why can't more concealers come with an amazing setting powder? I mean it's a fabulous idea right there! It just sets my concealer both for blemishes and under eyes perfectly. I couldn't ask for anything better! I 'm someone who is used to having a doe-foot applicator to apply my concealer, and so this is where this concealer slightly disappointed me. It just feels wrong to apply my concealer with my finger or a brush, but I am getting used to it. It's a concealer that gives me really high coverage and being slightly yellow toned it seems to counteract the redness of blemishes. The peachy toned concealer is perfect for under eyes and I look instantly more awake when I use this. I just think this is the most travel friendly concealer, with an under eye and blemish concealer and a setting powder!

What are your thoughts on this concealer?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra or The Tangle Teezer?

If you read my Pink Essentials post which you can read here, then you'll know a new hairbrush has stole my heart. The Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra* has quickly become the brush I reach for, replacing my beloved Tangle Teezer. I thought that a comparison post was in order, just to see which brush is better.

Let's start out with the Tangle Teezer, seeing as it was in my life first. Everyone raves about this brush because it doesn't pull on your hair while it's detangling, and it makes quick work of any tangled hair. I loved it for a good 2 years, although from about the start of the year, I started noticed it would really hurt when I would brush my hair and it didn't really detangle the same way. I bought another one thinking it was the age of the brush, but my new Tangle Teezer is just as bad. I don't know what happened, but I quickly fell out of love with it and I decided a new brush was in order!

Brushing my hair was no longer a breeze, then the Tangle Tamer Ultra came into my life. In comparison to the Tangle Teezer, this really does unknot your hair without tugging on it. It's just so pain free and easy to use. No more do my eyes tear up when I have really tangled hair, it really is a painless brush. It's also paddle sized, so brushing your hair takes about half the time it would if you had a Tangle Teezer. Not to mention the fact it has a handle! That's a game changer right there! It now feels like I have complete control over my hairbrush. Plus it's pink. 

If you've fallen out of love with your Tangle Teezer, or you just want an amazing detangling brush, then the Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra is the brush for you! What's your favourite detangling brush?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dior Lipstick in Rose Altesse

I'm sure you've probably noticed but I don't really tend to review many, if any, lipsticks on this blog of mine. It's not some great overlooking, it's the simple fact that lipstick intimidates me. For anyone that knows me in real life they'd probably be quite shocked at that statement. Wearing lipstick is something that I really do want to feel confident about, and I think that baby steps is probably the best way to go with this. Hence this beautiful pink shade, Rose Altesse by Dior that is the classic, my lips but better (but also with a slight hint of shimmer).

It's a shade that looks so subtle on the lips, but it doesn't look like you're sporting a bare lip. Not only this but it doesn't zap my lips of all it's moisture, in fact it feels rather comfortable on. Another great benefit of is it's hard to notice if your application isn't great (mine is rather shoddy, but you can't say a lot when you rarely wear lipstick!). I think, if like me, you have no idea where to start in the lipstick world and all those bright bold shades intimidate you, then this is a damn good place to start! 

If you have any recommendations for any lip products that will help ease me into the lipstick world, then I'm all ears, so drop those shade names in the comments below!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Seventeen Define & Contour

Following my last post, I think I should talk about what product you can actually use those contour brushes with. After all, contouring and highlighting is still pretty big in the beauty world, and naturally being a beauty lover, I too want the sculptured face that most of the stars have. I'm very sad to admit that I don't have a team of professionals to make me look beautiful on my every beck and whim, so instead I just have to use my own bit of know how.

I guess what intrigued me about the Seventeen Define & Contour kit was the fact it's compact and contains a pretty decent looking contour and highlight colour, aka it also doesn't feel chalky! The shades are light and medium, I happen to have the light because my complexion is similar to that of Snow White. Usually contour shades are too orange and just give off a muddy kind of look on my skin, but the contour shade in the Seventeen palette, is really easy to blend out, and it's pretty much undetectable on the skin when fully blended. I use the new Bold Metals Contour Brush and then use their Powder Brush to blend everything out. A perfect contouring brush duo. The highlighter also is a really beautiful shade but I just wish it had a slight bit of shimmer to it? But I think for my oily skin, the matte highlighter is perfect. Practicality over wishful thinking right? The case it comes in is really sturdy and has a nice big mirror, handy if you wanted to touch up on the go. I think it's so affordable and handy for beginners. If you're new to contouring this would be perfect for you!

What are your favourite contouring products? Is Illamasqua Hollow amazing? Because I definitely think that will be the next contouring beauty buy!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Real Techniques Contouring Brushes: Which One?

Contouring is a skill that I really want to master, not to the extent of Kim K, but rather using a light hand to make my face look a bit more chiseled. An essential to trying to achieve this look that I desire, I believe are makeup brushes. Both of my tools of choice are by Real Techniques as I'm sure you can see, with both brushes being in completely different price brackets. 

Remember how crazy everyone went when Real Techniques went and launched the Bold Metals Collection? I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to buy their Contour Brush. Literally it changed the way I contoured and just made it so easy! Not to mention the fact that the brush just feels so much softer. Anyway I like to pick up some contour on my brush and swipe it where I want to contour. Then I blend it all in. It just makes the whole application so much easier. Yet I prefer to use both of these brushes to contour. I like to use the original contour brush to blend everything in and I find it doesn't move my makeup round and just makes everyone look much more seamless. If you had to pick one, I'd pick their Bold Metals Contour Brush. Honestly who can resist a brush as pretty as that?! It is rose gold after all! I know, I know, it is rather pricey, but it just feels so nice to hold something so pretty and better balanced. If you want to splurge then buy the Bold Metals contour brush, if you want to save then buy the Core collection and get 3 other high quality brushes you can use. Although they just work so much better as a pair, so why not just get both and live the best of both worlds? Kinda like Hannah Montana I guess! 


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Pink Essentials

There are some products I consider essentials, and they just don't seem to ever get that much coverage in the beauty world. Considering I use these products day in day out, I think it's about time they got the praise they deserve!

Hairbrush - Recently I've been using the Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra*. A definite step up in my hair routine from the Tangle Teezer. The main reason it's been dethroned is because it has a handle, I mean c'mon Tangle Teezer, don't you realise how essential they are to hair brushing? It manages to get rid of all my tangles effortlessly, and is now the only hair brush I use. Expect a comparison post between this and the Tangle Teezer soon!
Hand Cream - Having a part time job as a pot washer (so unglamourous, although it pays really well) really does take it's toll on my hands. Without a hand cream then I really do dread to think about the state my hands, mainly my knuckles, may be in! My favourite hand cream comes from Soap & Glory, and I'd be so surprised if you hadn't heard about their Hand Food. It moisturises my hands without them feeling greasy, what more could you want?
Toothpaste - Now this isn't technically pink, but it's close. Oral B toothpaste is something I've always wanted to try, and when it promised to whiten my teeth I had to give it a try. We aren't talking a dramatic difference, but it definitely makes my teeth look brighter and therefore whiter, while making my teeth feel clean. This is a bi-daily essential!
Razor - No matter how much I wish it wasn't true, I have to shave to stop myself getting hairy. I wish I had the confidence and the tolerance to make a stance and not shave, but I just hate unnecessary hair on my legs and underarms. Plus I love how they feel silky smooth afterwards. My favourite razors come from Venus, and I've been loving their blades that have a moisture stick on too!
Pretty Honest aka my Beauty Bible - This may not seem like an essential, but it is my beauty bible and I find myself constantly using it as a point of reference for when I'm unsure about some aspect. There's something in this book for everyone and I do view it as an essential read for any beauty lover. It doesn't beat round the bush and Sali Hughes tells you exactly how it is.

Do you have any other beauty essentials?
*PR sample sent for review

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Poor Woman's Clarisonic

Let's be honest, this is the poor woman's version of the Clarisonic. Especially having sensitive skin when it comes to exfoliation, I just can't justify forking out a lot of money for something I might not even use. Besides the Soap and Glory A Brush With Greatness has that pink massaging mitt thing that the Clarisonic doesn't. That probably was the reason why I really wanted to try this brush.

I would definitely say since using the pink bit (ever so technical language use on Jodieloue) my skin is in a much clearer state. I like to think that as I'm scrubbing it onto my face it's helping to increase circulation and the toxins are all being removed. I'd like to think I'm onto something here as my skin has definitely improved. The actual brush head is something I like to use once a week as I can find it to be a bit harsh with everyday use. It's really stiff, but I imagine that using it regularly will soften the bristles? It's a work in progress, I'm waiting for the right skin moment to fully go to town with that side of the brush! All in all for the price, it's a pretty good product. If my skin is clearing up then I really can't complain.

Have you ever tried a Brush with Greatness?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I think I've fallen head over heels in love with a mascara. A Benefit one at that too, who would've thought? I mean I wasn't at all keen on their 'They're Real' mascara, it was hard to remove and my eyes felt sore for days afterwards. As for creating false eyelashes, I'm still fairly skeptical on that one. But this is something else. I'm even tempted to buy the full size, I love it that much!

This was a sample I received free in a magazine (Elle I think?), as you can tell probably from the dinky size. Unlike the infamous 'They're Real', Rollerlash is super easy to remove. It doesn't take forever and it doesn't feel scratchy when you do remove it. The shape of the wand means you can get volume and length! The curved part of the wand is perfect for volume, and the straight side is amazing for length. It holds a curl too, but I wouldn't go as far as not using eyelash curlers with this. I think once you start using eyelash curlers you can't go back! I will say it makes your eyes look more open without using a curler, but I mean it's a step I'm not going to skip. I love the fact this mascara separates my lashes. It doesn't do that weird thing where it starts to separate them, but then clumps your lashes together. No matter which layer of mascara you're on, it still separates. I've never used a flaky mascara yet (one way in which I'm lucky), and this one also isn't flaky. All in all it's an amazing mascara!

What do you think of Benefit Roller Lash?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Sunday Post | Curly Hair

I'll be the first to admit that having long hair is an absolute pain sometimes. I'll also confess that I'm lazy and like fuss free hairstyles at 7:30am in the morning, when I'm half asleep. Curly hair is something that I wish I had naturally, but I don't. I have that weird inbetween hair. Not straight but not wavy, so it feels like I have to attempt something to make it look more put together. Sunday's are always the perfect day to be lazy and with this hairstyle, Monday shouldn't feel as much as a drag!

All I do to get natural looking curls is tie my hair in two incredibly high buns at night. Imagine Princess Leia and channel that look when you're attempting this. Pretty much tie your hair up in pigtails as high as they'll go on your head. Then you separate your hair into two strands and twirl them round each other to then swirl it round into a bun. Once you've got two buns, go sleep and wake up in the morning with curls. I'd advise you to put the buns up as high as they'll go, just so you don't have that horrible feeling that your hair is being ripped off your scalp when you're trying to go sleep. The best thing is that it's fuss free and heat free, and if you're growing your hair long then this, for me anyway, speeds up the process.

Will you be trying this hairstyle?
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