Saturday, 27 June 2015

An Avene Skincare Moment

Avene Skincare

For some reason my skincare products is only made up of one brand, and that's Avene. They've recently been killing it with their products and my face has just seemed to be relatively breakout free since I've been using these products.

Let's start with their cleanser as that is the first product you'd use in your routine. The Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser has to be the gentlest cleanser I think I've ever used. Now I don't know the science behind this, but boy does this stuff work. My skin feels so purified after using this, and the best thing is it doesn't irritate me, leading to less blemishes gracing my face.

The Avene Cleanance MAT Mattifying Toner is perfect if you tend to get oily. I only really use this in the morning as I like to use an acid exfoliating toner in the evening. Regardless since using this, my skin doesn't tend to look like an oil slick (gross, I know) after a few hours. It seems like it regulates my sebum production and as such my makeup sticks around a lot longer.

The most recent addition to my routine is the Avene Cleanance Expert Emulsion. I would liken it to La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ in the way it works, but this seems to be better at preventing blemishes whereas Effaclar Duo works best at dealing with the after effects. Nevertheless using both in my skincare I really find I'm optimising their effects. Bye bye blemishes.

My face mask of choice from Avene is their Cleanance Mask. The thermal water works so well at soothing my skin when it's having a bad breakout and I feel less of that clogged up feeling you get when everything looks a little rough on your face. I've already raved about it in a post I did all about face masks for blemish prone skin which I will link here. It's a godsend, and I find myself forever repurchasing so it must really work eh?

Also Escentual have a third off French Pharmacy on their website right now, so if you fancy checking any of these products out now would be the time! It may seem like I've been sponsored as they're all from the Cleanance range, but having blemish prone skin means I tend to buy products aimed at that. I didn't even know I had practically the whole range until I was tipping out all my revision after my exams. So if you have blemish prone skin, this brand slays at helping out.

What are your thoughts on Avene skincare?


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Phone Case I Made Myself

Ever wanted a completely personalised phone case? Well look no further as Go Customized has completely hooked us up on that front! When they got in contact with me asking if I wanted to try a phone case that I could design myself, I knew it was too good to refuse. I'd just bought the iPhone 6 after smashing my iPhone 5 and so it was looking a little bit naked on the case front.

Now I thought it would be super easy to design a phone case, but it really wasn't. A whole world of options was opened up to me and I just didn't know what I actually wanted on my case. The process on Go Customized made my life easier though as it was so user friendly that despite my indecisiveness over what I wanted on a case, I didn't have to faff around trying to figure out how to use the system. You simply choose a  device first, then what type of case you want. I went for the Ultra Light case as I wanted my design to stay put and not rub off after 5 minutes. Then you choose a picture from your laptop or computer, upload it on the customiser, and then drag it to the position you want it to be! Or you can choose a pre-design, it's 100% up to you and it's literally it's simple. You also get the choice of what colour you want the case to be, I personally wanted transparent as I like to see the gold of my phone (I know, I'm so sad!).

In the end, and I mean about 2 hours after I started because I kept changing my mind, I chose the scene from Tangled where Flynn and Rapunzel see the lanterns from the boat. It's one of my favourite scenes from a Disney movie and I loved this design when I pulled it off from Google Images and knew it was what I wanted. Just want to throw it out there that I did not design the design and that it's from Google Images and all creative design goes to the designer not me and as I don't know the exact source I cannot give them credit.

So if you want to make your own phone case* then you now know where to go! Will you be designing your own phone case?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

A Lush Haul

Long time no blog eh? Sorry for the unexpected hiatus from my blog. Exam revision for my A Levels took over, and all students will be able to understand the stress that's involved in sitting exams that your whole future pretty much depend on. However I've finally finished as of Wednesday so I took a few days just to relax. The whole of June has been stressful up to the other day, so my brain definitely needed a few days rest. With the joy of finishing exams and the prospect of a gap year, I also managed to bag myself a full time job! Pretty excited about that, and I start at the end of the month. So without further ado, I'm back and hopefully for good this time!

What's better than a return to blogging posts than a haul, and a Lush one at that! It's a brand that always feels the love from me and is definitely one that I need to explore a bit more. Everyone raves about the Big Shampoo so I thought why not give it a go? Did it live up to it's hype? Kind of. I love the scent, it smells beachy and really reminds me of the sea. Plus it's gritty, so it feels like it's removing all the build up of products on your hair and it leaves it feel squeaky clean! As for volume, I can't really notice much difference. It's a nice shampoo none the less and for the feeling of fresh hair and the scent, I think I would buy it again!

Whenever Lush is mentioned the first thing I think of is their bath bombs. I decided to pick up Space Girl and Dragon's Egg. Both of them turned my bath pretty colours, with Space Girl turning the water a really pretty deep pink, and Dragon's Egg turning it a fiery orange. They both left my skin feeling super soft, and also with a hint of shimmer that was subtle enough for my liking.

Have you got any products from Lush you recommend for me to try?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mascaras of the Moment

I'm never loyal to a mascara, despite finding a fair few that I love and would repurchase in a heartbeat (Bourjois One Seconde Mascara I am looking at you!) I just can't seem to justify sticking to the same mascara for the rest of my life. I know I'm a mascara commitment-phobe, but with so many good mascara's I'm yet to try, I can't help but think that maybe I might just stumble upon a mascara that will change my life and I can't ever not have it in my collection. Until that day magically comes, I find myself with these three lovely mascaras all taking their turns rather equally gracing my face, or eyelashes.

Let's start with the Benefit Rollerlash. I've already done a review of this beauty so if you missed that you can find all the deets here. To sum it up, it's a lovely mascara that holds a curl like no other and just seems to make my eyes look more awake. I also can't help but mention the fact that when I use this, I see every single eye lash that I have! Something else to consider: don't like They're Real? Then try this mascara out!

Maybelline's Lash Sensational, is definitely a drug store dupe for the Benefit offering. It curls and lengthens lashes beautifully and really adds definition! Like the Rollerlash, the number of eyelashes you have just seems to grow and even those pesky hidden ones you didn't know you had make a bee-line for the spotlight! Something that sets the two mascaras apart, Rollerlash is 100% clump free, whereas Maybelline is a much more wet formula so you can expect a couple of small clumps here and there. But it is half the price, so you can't really moan too much at that little niggle!

I've never seen the False Lash Effect 24 Hour by Max Factor but I have seen the OG Falsh Lash Effect making it's way around the beauty blogs and never really receiving anything but praise. If you've come to look for a criticism of it, then you won't find it here. It. Just. Won't. Budge! To remove this is a pain, but it looks so pretty on my lashes that well, I can easily forgive that fact. I've never worn false lashes, but it definitely makes them a damn sight more, well, false!

What mascaras do you have on rotation?
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