Friday, 9 October 2015

Topshop Wishlist

Topshop Wishlist

Finally, a wishlist is on this blog! I've been meaning to do one for what feels like forever, and I won't bore you with excuses for why it's taken so long.
Seeing as most of my money goes to clothes, it makes sense for this type of post. I know I've made the promise of outfit posts and they never seem to make it into fruition, although now I have somewhat of a plan so I hope to be changing that one day. I'm saving up for a camera among other things to help improve jodie loue, so wishlists bring me the slight joy of new clothes without actually parting with cash you know? I have bad illogical justifications, I know.

Let's talk about the stars of this post, the monk shoes. I don't know why I want them, but I just do. Maybe it's the name or maybe it's the style or maybe it's both. I think they'd look pretty neat sitting on my feet (so many rhymes). The grunge jumper is season appropriate and is so my style. Monochromatic with a pop of colour. I already own the bomber jacket in green and you may have seen it in my outfit post here, but now I'm seriously lusting after it in black. I think I'd wear it to bed, yep I want it that bad. The woodland trousers are a bit unusual for me, but after seeing them in a recent llymlrs haul, I can't seem to forget about them.

So that's my Topshop wishlist as of right now. It's certainly I shop I seem to be gravitating towards more and more. What's on your wishlist as of late? Do you like any of my picks?


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