Saturday, 16 January 2016

High End Brands I Want to Try More From

When I got thinking about the highstreet brands I trust, I got thinking about the high end makeup brands I want to more from. I'm very much seeing a transition in how I want to spend my money on makeup. Instead of piling my basket high in Boots, I seem to be thinking 'well if I don't spend much money here, then I can get a couple of things from Nars'. It's probably a bad way to think, but there's no doubt I'm gravitating more towards high end makeup.

Seeing as a New Year is upon us too I feel like I should spread my wings out into the higher end of the makeup world. MAC is high up on my wishlist. I own two lipsticks and two lipliners and they're so pigmented and just beautiful. I'm seeing their eye shadows on the horizon next and I think a quad is a good place to start. Any recommendations?

Now you're probably going to slap my wrists when I tell you the only palette I own from Urban Decays is their Naked Basics 2. Every shade is so creamy and pigmented that I really do need to own a few more of their palettes, and I'm a sucker for a good neutral palette. If they're as good as this, then I'll be one happy lady. Now to choose between one, two, and three.

Living in the UK makes it a little hard to try much from Lorac, but their pro palette is better than anything you can imagine. I don't ever want this beauty to end, and when it will I think a period of mourning will begin. I believe they do an all matte neutral palette, which to me is the stuff of dreams. I just need to work out how to track one down.

Where to start with Nars? It's probably the one brand I consistently hear good things about and their Blame it on Nars cheek palette is the only thing I own from them. That needs to change, and soon preferably. Sheer Glow is probably going to be the first thing that I buy from them, and maybe a lip pencil or two might sneak into my basket also.

Now to me, Clinique and Clarins have always been a brand that I've unintentionally overlooked. When my friend bought me a Joli Rouge lipstick by Clarins (from the older collection), it was love at first swipe. It's a gorgeous 90's kind of nude lip shade, and seeing as Clarins seem to bring it with every collection, there's no excuse to try a few things. Remember tracking down the nude shade of the Clinique Pop lipsticks that came as a freebie with Glamour Magazine? Yeah, it was damn hard. The effort did pay off though as the red and nude shade are both gorgeous. I need more shades in my life, and I need many other things from Clinique.

Laura Mercier is a brand I don't quite know where to start with. Their foundation primer is the best in my collection, and I tend to save it for special occasions. I'm almost a little hooked on it though, and I can see it being a costly love affair from now on. This is probably the brand that I feel I need to do my research with though, so any suggestions as to where to start would be much appreciated.

What brands do you want to try?


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