Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Ring.

As ominous as the title sounds, we aren't talking about the Lord of the Rings one here. Instead I'm talking about this lovely silver ring that my Auntie bought me for my birthday. A jewellery person is one thing I'm not, but when I opened my present and saw this, something just clicked. For the first time ever.

I don't know what it is about silver jewellery, but it just calls my name like no other. Out of the options, I think it just gets me in a way gold, or rose gold, don't. I'm still partial to both of them, but silver is really my thing. The ring I've fallen in love with is from Next, but for the life of me I cannot find it on the website, sorry 'bout that. Paired with my new favourite nail polish, Revlon's Perfect Pair, I fancy my hand just a little.

Now you're probably like 'Why on earth are you writing a whole post for a ring, Jodie?', and the answer to that is simple. I'd like to scroll through my blog, while cringing a little at past me, and see what exactly in my life took my fancy at that point. This ring is one I can't seem to take off my finger, it just looks elegant and fits perfectly. Maybe it's the start of a ring obsession or even a jewellery obsession, who knows

Are there any rings you love to wear? I'm thinking Pandora is my next stop.


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