Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Blogging 101: Props.

Blog props
I thought I'd kick off a new series round these parts - Blogging 101. By no means am I claiming to be an expert, I'm still a newbie, but when I started I'd trawl through my favourite blogs for any tips on the simple things, like props, how the photographs are taken, and just the general blogging process.
I also thought I'd throw my two pennies worth in, so if there's anything you want to know about it, I'll try my hardest to get a post together, just throw me a line in the comments. I thought I'd start with props though. Either you've got it sorted, or you don't have a clue and when I first starting blogging, I didn't even know where to begin. Here's a few ideas for props and where I like to purchase them from.

- Washi tape
Try eBay, I have my eyes on these ones right now. Kate's shop also sells some really pretty designs.

- Makeup brushes
Zoeva would be my recommendation here obvs, but I mean use whatever you already own to save pennies.

- Hair grips
I think you know where to get these from!

- Rugs
The Ikea Tejn is the one you always see in my photos, but really, use whatever floats your boat.

- Throws
Primark and H&M home would be my first stops for anything throw related.

- Flowers (artificial or real)
Hobbycraft and eBay sell some really high quality fake flowers, as for the real, I'm not going to patronise you!

- Ribbons
eBay is once again mentioned, but I adore my Pandora ribbons that come with my purchases. I'd also imagine Hobbycraft would be a good shout.

- Notebooks
Paperchase, Sainsburys, pretty much anywhere that sells stationery is a winner.

- Makeup
If you're a beauty blogger, then you'll probably only have to search in your drawers!

- Books
Pretty Honest, #Girlboss, ad Eat Pretty are my usual go to's. Try Amazon, but don't buy a book for the sake of it.

- Magazines
It's been ages since I've featured one, but Glamour and Vogue are my favourites. Use whatever you have lying around on your coffee table.

- Jewellery.
Again, whatever you own and love.

You can get props from anywhere, and you can use whatever props you want. As long as the photos look good to you, then consider yourself a pro! Notable mentions have to go to H&M home, Paperchase, Primark and my Muji drawers.

What props do you love to use? Have I missed anything off my list?


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