Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Teeny Lush Haul.

Lush is the perfect shop to treat myself with now and then. In a place with so much choice and nice smelling things, I'm pretty proud of how little I purchased.

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb - I mainly picked this one up because Jordan said it smelt nice, and it was also the first bath bomb he'd given that label to. According to Lush, it's a citrussy apple scent. It's described as the catherine wheel of bath bombs so I'm excited to try this as I never have before, and I'm a sucker for a good colour.

The Kiss Lip Scrub - When your lips are as chapped as mine, a lip scrub is a necessity. It's described as tasting and smelling of a mixture of raspberry ripple and bubblegum, also known as heaven to me. The sprinkling of hearts had me sold.

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb - I bought this one for my younger brother as it's designed for children. He loves lavender scents so this one fits the bill perfectly. He also loved watching it fizzle and turn his bath blue. It was a winner all round.

Comforter Bubble Bar - This is my all time favourite Lush product. Everything from the scent down to the texture I just adore. I was missing my fix of their shower gel counterpart so this is a nice alternative. It's like a hug from a gorgeous smelling fruity blanket. My skin is always silky soft after use.

Have you purchased anything from Lush recently?


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