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All of the products featured on this blog have been bought by me. From October 2014 any products that are gifted to me shall be marked with an '*' so you are aware that the particular product has been sent to me. I fully believe honesty is the best policy so this is the easiest way to let you guys know. The opinions I express are fully my own and will be based on the quality of the product itself and nothing else (like I said 'honesty is the best policy'). This means that whether it's a 'freebie' or something I've bought myself, they'll be treated in the same way and reviewed exactly the same. I understand that beauty blogs are usually the place you go first to find out if a product is good or not so I want to make sure I do you justice, while staying true to whether I think a product is good or not. On that note too, just because I may like something or dislike it, you may feel the exact opposite to me. Everyone is different so don't take my word as the gospel truth.


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No posts are sponsored and if this changes I will include a full disclaimer in this post.

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