My Little Box March Edition


I know that this box is fairly late seeing as it’s April, but I only just resubscribed to it and when it came in the post it was just too pretty not to feature on my blog. 

The magazine that always comes with MLB is just so cute and the photos in there make for the perfect blog photos! (I know, I think I now have a blogger orientated mind). I love flicking through it on a lazy Sunday. I also received some stickers that are super hero theme. They all look so pretty and maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else not like to stick stickers down unless they are 100% sure that the location is perfect? Like a commitment phobe for stickers? I am that person so they’ll probably stay on their sticker sheet for a long time.

The luxury product is the t-shirt which reads ‘I believe I can fly’. It’s supersoft and just so comfy. Now I’m never sure on t shirts like this, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear it for a lazy day or to bed. It’s just too comfy not to wear. The only problem is this comes in one size, so for the curvier ladies out there, it may not fit. I’d say it’s a size 12, but I could be wrong. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a Kerastase conditioner in there. I love their shampoos and so this conditioner had a fair bit of expectation on it. It didn’t disappoint and I think it makes my unruly mane that bit more manageable with use. The Caudalie hand cream is also nice to see in here, being as I have a part time job that dries my hands out like no tomorrow this is perfect for me.  It is kind of greasy but nothing that means you can’t go about those tasks you need to complete. It’s just a super heavy, intensive moisturising hand cream. Last is the MLB own brand lip and cheek tint. It’s a lovely pink shade that is, in my opinion perfect for summer! It’ll probably be used as a cheek stain more just because of my fear of lipstick (I will get there one day!)

What do you think of the March Edition of My Little Box?