Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

I can’t believe that I haven’t gotten around to writing a review on the eye shadow palette that I pretty much use on an everyday basis. Of course these pictures were taken before I even used it, I mean it’s what every beauty blogger does right?  It most certainly looks a bit more battered and less perfect now, which does make me feel slightly sad, you know what I mean? I just wish products looked perfect even after you used it.

Now I bought the Naked 2 Basics palette off of Cohorted for something like £15.50 which is incredible value, especially for an Urban Decay palette! I’ve never tried any of their palettes before so I didn’t really have any expectations. All I can say is they’re seriously pigmented to the point when just a light sweep from pan to eyelid can sometimes leave me looking like a panda if I’m not seriously light handed. They’re also buttery and smooth. They don’t feel scratchy like some eye shadow palettes can do. My favourite shades have to be stark, frisk and primal. Trying this makes me want all of the Naked palettes. I think it may have kickstarted a love for Urban Decay products!

What’s your favourite Urban Decay palette?