Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I think I’ve fallen head over heels in love with a mascara. A Benefit one at that too, who would’ve thought? I mean I wasn’t at all keen on their ‘They’re Real’ mascara, it was hard to remove and my eyes felt sore for days afterwards. As for creating false eyelashes, I’m still fairly skeptical on that one. But this is something else. I’m even tempted to buy the full size, I love it that much!

This was a sample I received free in a magazine (Elle I think?), as you can tell probably from the dinky size. Unlike the infamous ‘They’re Real’, Rollerlash is super easy to remove. It doesn’t take forever and it doesn’t feel scratchy when you do remove it. The shape of the wand means you can get volume and length! The curved part of the wand is perfect for volume, and the straight side is amazing for length. It holds a curl too, but I wouldn’t go as far as not using eyelash curlers with this. I think once you start using eyelash curlers you can’t go back! I will say it makes your eyes look more open without using a curler, but I mean it’s a step I’m not going to skip. I love the fact this mascara separates my lashes. It doesn’t do that weird thing where it starts to separate them, but then clumps your lashes together. No matter which layer of mascara you’re on, it still separates. I’ve never used a flaky mascara yet (one way in which I’m lucky), and this one also isn’t flaky. All in all it’s an amazing mascara!

What do you think of Benefit Roller Lash?