Dior Lipstick in Rose Altesse

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed but I don’t really tend to review many, if any, lipsticks on this blog of mine. It’s not some great overlooking, it’s the simple fact that lipstick intimidates me. For anyone that knows me in real life they’d probably be quite shocked at that statement. Wearing lipstick is something that I really do want to feel confident about, and I think that baby steps is probably the best way to go with this. Hence this beautiful pink shade, Rose Altesse by Dior that is the classic, my lips but better (but also with a slight hint of shimmer).

It’s a shade that looks so subtle on the lips, but it doesn’t look like you’re sporting a bare lip. Not only this but it doesn’t zap my lips of all it’s moisture, in fact it feels rather comfortable on. Another great benefit of is it’s hard to notice if your application isn’t great (mine is rather shoddy, but you can’t say a lot when you rarely wear lipstick!). I think, if like me, you have no idea where to start in the lipstick world and all those bright bold shades intimidate you, then this is a damn good place to start! 

If you have any recommendations for any lip products that will help ease me into the lipstick world, then I’m all ears, so drop those shade names in the comments below!