Real Techniques Contouring Brushes: Which One?

Contouring is a skill that I really want to master, not to the extent of Kim K, but rather using a light hand to make my face look a bit more chiseled. An essential to trying to achieve this look that I desire, I believe are makeup brushes. Both of my tools of choice are by Real Techniques as I’m sure you can see, with both brushes being in completely different price brackets. 

Remember how crazy everyone went when Real Techniques went and launched the Bold Metals Collection? I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to buy their Contour Brush. Literally it changed the way I contoured and just made it so easy! Not to mention the fact that the brush just feels so much softer. Anyway I like to pick up some contour on my brush and swipe it where I want to contour. Then I blend it all in. It just makes the whole application so much easier. Yet I prefer to use both of these brushes to contour. I like to use the original contour brush to blend everything in and I find it doesn’t move my makeup round and just makes everyone look much more seamless. If you had to pick one, I’d pick their Bold Metals Contour Brush. Honestly who can resist a brush as pretty as that?! It is rose gold after all! I know, I know, it is rather pricey, but it just feels so nice to hold something so pretty and better balanced. If you want to splurge then buy the Bold Metals contour brush, if you want to save then buy the Core collection and get 3 other high quality brushes you can use. Although they just work so much better as a pair, so why not just get both and live the best of both worlds? Kinda like Hannah Montana I guess!