Seventeen Define & Contour

Following my last post, I think I should talk about what product you can actually use those contour brushes with. After all, contouring and highlighting is still pretty big in the beauty world, and naturally being a beauty lover, I too want the sculptured face that most of the stars have. I’m very sad to admit that I don’t have a team of professionals to make me look beautiful on my every beck and whim, so instead I just have to use my own bit of know how.

I guess what intrigued me about the Seventeen Define & Contour kit was the fact it’s compact and contains a pretty decent looking contour and highlight colour, aka it also doesn’t feel chalky! The shades are light and medium, I happen to have the light because my complexion is similar to that of Snow White. Usually contour shades are too orange and just give off a muddy kind of look on my skin, but the contour shade in the Seventeen palette, is really easy to blend out, and it’s pretty much undetectable on the skin when fully blended. I use the new Bold Metals Contour Brush and then use their Powder Brush to blend everything out. A perfect contouring brush duo. The highlighter also is a really beautiful shade but I just wish it had a slight bit of shimmer to it? But I think for my oily skin, the matte highlighter is perfect. Practicality over wishful thinking right? The case it comes in is really sturdy and has a nice big mirror, handy if you wanted to touch up on the go. I think it’s so affordable and handy for beginners. If you’re new to contouring this would be perfect for you!

What are your favourite contouring products? Is Illamasqua Hollow amazing? Because I definitely think that will be the next contouring beauty buy!