The Pink Essentials

There are some products I consider essentials, and they just don’t seem to ever get that much coverage in the beauty world. Considering I use these products day in day out, I think it’s about time they got the praise they deserve!

Hairbrush – Recently I’ve been using the Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra*. A definite step up in my hair routine from the Tangle Teezer. The main reason it’s been dethroned is because it has a handle, I mean c’mon Tangle Teezer, don’t you realise how essential they are to hair brushing? It manages to get rid of all my tangles effortlessly, and is now the only hair brush I use. Expect a comparison post between this and the Tangle Teezer soon!

Hand Cream – Having a part time job as a pot washer (so unglamourous, although it pays really well) really does take it’s toll on my hands. Without a hand cream then I really do dread to think about the state my hands, mainly my knuckles, may be in! My favourite hand cream comes from Soap & Glory, and I’d be so surprised if you hadn’t heard about their Hand Food. It moisturises my hands without them feeling greasy, what more could you want?

Toothpaste – Now this isn’t technically pink, but it’s close. Oral B toothpaste is something I’ve always wanted to try, and when it promised to whiten my teeth I had to give it a try. We aren’t talking a dramatic difference, but it definitely makes my teeth look brighter and therefore whiter, while making my teeth feel clean. This is a bi-daily essential!

Razor – No matter how much I wish it wasn’t true, I have to shave to stop myself getting hairy. I wish I had the confidence and the tolerance to make a stance and not shave, but I just hate unnecessary hair on my legs and underarms. Plus I love how they feel silky smooth afterwards. My favourite razors come from Venus, and I’ve been loving their blades that have a moisture stick on too!

Pretty Honest aka my Beauty Bible – This may not seem like an essential, but it is my beauty bible and I find myself constantly using it as a point of reference for when I’m unsure about some aspect. There’s something in this book for everyone and I do view it as an essential read for any beauty lover. It doesn’t beat round the bush and Sali Hughes tells you exactly how it is.

Do you have any other beauty essentials?

*PR sample sent for review