The Poor Woman’s Clarisonic

Let’s be honest, this is the poor woman’s version of the Clarisonic. Especially having sensitive skin when it comes to exfoliation, I just can’t justify forking out a lot of money for something I might not even use. Besides the Soap and Glory A Brush With Greatness has that pink massaging mitt thing that the Clarisonic doesn’t. That probably was the reason why I really wanted to try this brush.

I would definitely say since using the pink bit (ever so technical language use on Jodieloue) my skin is in a much clearer state. I like to think that as I’m scrubbing it onto my face it’s helping to increase circulation and the toxins are all being removed. I’d like to think I’m onto something here as my skin has definitely improved. The actual brush head is something I like to use once a week as I can find it to be a bit harsh with everyday use. It’s really stiff, but I imagine that using it regularly will soften the bristles? It’s a work in progress, I’m waiting for the right skin moment to fully go to town with that side of the brush! All in all for the price, it’s a pretty good product. If my skin is clearing up then I really can’t complain.

Have you ever tried a Brush with Greatness?