The Sunday Post | Curly Hair

I’ll be the first to admit that having long hair is an absolute pain sometimes. I’ll also confess that I’m lazy and like fuss free hairstyles at 7:30am in the morning, when I’m half asleep. Curly hair is something that I wish I had naturally, but I don’t. I have that weird inbetween hair. Not straight but not wavy, so it feels like I have to attempt something to make it look more put together. Sunday’s are always the perfect day to be lazy and with this hairstyle, Monday shouldn’t feel as much as a drag!

All I do to get natural looking curls is tie my hair in two incredibly high buns at night. Imagine Princess Leia and channel that look when you’re attempting this. Pretty much tie your hair up in pigtails as high as they’ll go on your head. Then you separate your hair into two strands and twirl them round each other to then swirl it round into a bun. Once you’ve got two buns, go sleep and wake up in the morning with curls. I’d advise you to put the buns up as high as they’ll go, just so you don’t have that horrible feeling that your hair is being ripped off your scalp when you’re trying to go sleep. The best thing is that it’s fuss free and heat free, and if you’re growing your hair long then this, for me anyway, speeds up the process.

Will you be trying this hairstyle?