A Lush Haul

Long time no blog eh? Sorry for the unexpected hiatus from my blog. Exam revision for my A Levels took over, and all students will be able to understand the stress that’s involved in sitting exams that your whole future pretty much depend on. However I’ve finally finished as of Wednesday so I took a few days just to relax. The whole of June has been stressful up to the other day, so my brain definitely needed a few days rest. With the joy of finishing exams and the prospect of a gap year, I also managed to bag myself a full time job! Pretty excited about that, and I start at the end of the month. So without further ado, I’m back and hopefully for good this time!

What’s better than a return to blogging posts than a haul, and a Lush one at that! It’s a brand that always feels the love from me and is definitely one that I need to explore a bit more. Everyone raves about the Big Shampoo so I thought why not give it a go? Did it live up to it’s hype? Kind of. I love the scent, it smells beachy and really reminds me of the sea. Plus it’s gritty, so it feels like it’s removing all the build up of products on your hair and it leaves it feel squeaky clean! As for volume, I can’t really notice much difference. It’s a nice shampoo none the less and for the feeling of fresh hair and the scent, I think I would buy it again!

Whenever Lush is mentioned the first thing I think of is their bath bombs. I decided to pick up Space Girl and Dragon’s Egg. Both of them turned my bath pretty colours, with Space Girl turning the water a really pretty deep pink, and Dragon’s Egg turning it a fiery orange. They both left my skin feeling super soft, and also with a hint of shimmer that was subtle enough for my liking.

Have you got any products from Lush you recommend for me to try?