Mascaras of the Moment

I’m never loyal to a mascara, despite finding a fair few that I love and would repurchase in a heartbeat (Bourjois One Seconde Mascara I am looking at you!) I just can’t seem to justify sticking to the same mascara for the rest of my life. I know I’m a mascara commitment-phobe, but with so many good mascara’s I’m yet to try, I can’t help but think that maybe I might just stumble upon a mascara that will change my life and I can’t ever not have it in my collection. Until that day magically comes, I find myself with these three lovely mascaras all taking their turns rather equally gracing my face, or eyelashes.

Let’s start with the Benefit Rollerlash. I’ve already done a review of this beauty so if you missed that you can find all the deets here. To sum it up, it’s a lovely mascara that holds a curl like no other and just seems to make my eyes look more awake. I also can’t help but mention the fact that when I use this, I see every single eye lash that I have! Something else to consider: don’t like They’re Real? Then try this mascara out!

Maybelline’s Lash Sensational, is definitely a drug store dupe for the Benefit offering. It curls and lengthens lashes beautifully and really adds definition! Like the Rollerlash, the number of eyelashes you have just seems to grow and even those pesky hidden ones you didn’t know you had make a bee-line for the spotlight! Something that sets the two mascaras apart, Rollerlash is 100% clump free, whereas Maybelline is a much more wet formula so you can expect a couple of small clumps here and there. But it is half the price, so you can’t really moan too much at that little niggle!

I’ve never seen the False Lash Effect 24 Hour by Max Factor but I have seen the OG Falsh Lash Effect making it’s way around the beauty blogs and never really receiving anything but praise. If you’ve come to look for a criticism of it, then you won’t find it here. It. Just. Won’t. Budge! To remove this is a pain, but it looks so pretty on my lashes that well, I can easily forgive that fact. I’ve never worn false lashes, but it definitely makes them a damn sight more, well, false!

What mascaras do you have on rotation?