A Base Pairing I Just Can’t Help But Love

Even though the weather wouldn’t really let on it’s summer here in the UK, I just can’t shake that summer feeling. I’ve noticed my skin improving and as such, without the fear of looking like an oil slick not constantly raining on my parade, I’ve turned to a dewy base. You’ve heard that right to!

Now the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum needs no introduction.It’s been raved about and rightly so. It doesn’t stick to dry patches and doesn’t make my oilyness any worse. I find it provides a really good coverage, maybe medium if I had to categorise it. I find this does run on the yellowish side of complexions, but it’s not noticeable when fully blended out. This is the foundation I’ve been turning to and with the pairing of the Seventeen Wow! Highlighter mixed in with my base, my skin just looks, well, radiant! I find one pump of both is a suitable amount, and I’ve also found the highlighter to act as a primer too, as without using it my foundation doesn’t stick around as long.

If an oily skin gal like me can change from the completely matte look to a dewy base, you know these products have to be AH-mazing! It’s capitalised for emphasis, because this pairing is just my dream team. Obviously I still powder in the t-zone, but for everywhere else, I find it best to let my base do the talking.

What do you think about this pairing?