Epilating | My Thoughts 3 Months On


Everyone seems to be giving their two pennies worth on this topic and I always find them interesting to read. I started epilating last year but then stopped because winter happened and I couldn’t be bothered. I had got it to the point where I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the non existent pain. Then I restarted when spring kicked in. The pain was back and I regret ever stopping. I know, why would I stop when I was winning? So I thought I’d give you my thoughts on the whole method. Bear in mind the only other type of hair removal I’ve tried is shaving.

Let’s start with the process. So I have a shower/bath, exfoliate the areas I’m going to epilate, then get out and get on with the show. Afterwards I make sure to heavily moisturise especially important the first few times as it flares up super easy. After all, we are pulling out hairs by the root, so your body is obviously going to object and come out in a lovely red itchy rash. But that seemed to disappear after about 3 times for me. I’ve noticed it gets quicker each time as I’m not sat wincing from the pain anymore. The pain isn’t bad, it’s just uncomfortable. It all depends on your pain threshold, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. The epilator itself sounds more like a torture device with it’s harsh whizzing sound, but honestly I think the sound is far worse than how it actually goes.

When I first started out this year, it was painful. My armpits were way worse than my legs. They actually bled and hurt so much that my arms couldn’t touch my body. Sounds pretty gruesome right? Well now I can do it and it doesn’t hurt in the slightest. It doesn’t bleed and my arms can firmly stay at my sides within seconds of me epilating. The hair takes a good couple of days to grow back (my hair takes about a day usually with shaving, and it’s dark so I can’t get away without removing my hair if I wanted to go sleeveless). I’ve also noticed that the dark undercast I had is completely gone. So for the initial pain, underarms are definitely worth the perseverance. 

Legs. I’m not even going to lie, I’m so lazy with this. So much so that I still wince at the pain a little. Below my knees is almost a breeze now, but my ankles oh boy, do they hurt! I actually think my ankles is far worse than my underarms, but I would like to stress it’s getting easier! I just need to keep at it. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day. Above my knee and my knee itself I’m trying to get used to, but I just can’t seem to. My legs are still a work in process. When I’m fully in the swing of things, I’m going to do a full on post.

One thing I feel I need to point out is that, well my hair anyway, is growing back slower and not as thick. I’ve also found in some parts of my leg, the hair just isn’t growing back at all. I feel like epilating has such a bad name thanks to the wimps that tried it out once and never had another go because it was ‘too painful’. You’re pulling hairs out at the root, do you expect it to be pain free? Epilating needs patience and tolerance and if say after 10 times it’s still an unbearable pain then by all means quit. It needs a good run before you can judge. Other than the pain being a downside I’ve noticed ingrown hairs are more of a thing, but they don’t seem to really be anything serious for me.

It’s cheaper than shaving and waxing, and the results are something I’m pretty happy with. What are your thoughts on epilating?