Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights

Now strobing is a ‘thing’ everyone seems to be into using highlighter. That’s great and all but for me and my oily skin, it’s a thing that tends to happen naturally after a busy day. Highlighter is always a product I use with a light hand thanks to my skin type, and I tend to stick to the matte highlighters just because. 

Anyway backstory aside, I thought this highlighter by Makeup Revolution would be a great idea to try. It looks pretty and swatches beautifully! You can’t argue with the photos! It’s super pigmented from just one swipe, and lasts for a really really long time. As it’s a golden highlighter I am slightly unsure of using it everywhere but the corner of my eye. Even if I don’t use it on the rest of my face, for the price, I’m more than happy to just use it there! With the amount you get too, this is going to last forever! I guess you could call this the first thing I’ve tried from Makeup Revolution, and I’ve been left seriously impressed. 

Throw some recommendations of other products you love by Makeup Revolution into the comment section that I can try out, cause if their highlighter is this good, then there must be some other gems hidden away!