Trialling REN Skincare

This was an offer that was just too good to refuse! All three of these for £10? Yes please! REN has always been on my ‘skincare must try’ list and for some reason I just didn’t pick anything up! Then I noticed the REN Pore Perfecting Trio on ASOS for £10, I thought I should give it a whirl, I meat at the price point I just had to. This comes with three products, the micro polish cleanser, the invisible pores detox mask and the glycolactic radiance renewal mask.

The masks have to be my favourite things. The pore mask just seems to make my pores smaller. I know this isn’t a permanent effect but still it’s nice to see what I’d look like with smaller pores. It has a cleansing effect which I love, and it feels like impurities are just being pulled out. Although I like this mask, I much prefer my Avene mask. It’s cheaper and just seems to work better for my skin.

My favourite out of the three, is the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. It sloughs off any dry skin patches I have like no tomorrow. When you first apply it, I notice a tingling effect, which I quite like in products as it feels like it’s working. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and when I’ve washed it off my skin just feels so plump and soft. I guess you could say it looks more radiant too, but the love for this products comes from the fact there’s no dry patches left on my skin! I think I would repurchase this in a full size as I truly feel like nothing compares to it.

The Micro Polish Cleanser is an okay product. Would I purchase it in a full size? Probably not, but I mean to me an exfoliating cleanser is an exfoliating cleanser. This did do all the jazzy stuff that these type of products should do. It left me with no dry skin, and my skin felt softer and like it had been cleansed. I wouldn’t repurchase though as it does feel like a so-so product.

What are your favourite products from REN?