For When You Fall Out of Love With Blogging

It happens to the best of us, but recently I’ve just become almost disenchanted with blogging. I seem to compare myself with all the best bloggers, and wonder what is it that makes them so good and find myself trying to almost become a carbon copy of them. It’s not the answer, I know that, but I can’t help myself. It’s almost like I get a kick out of feeling pretty crappy. So this post is for me, and maybe you, to look back on when we need a little inspiration, and also to know that the negative feelings we have are only temporary. 

Don’t let yourself be dictated by the numbers 1 follower to 100000 followers, it makes no difference. Be happy in the content you produce, and more importantly be proud. Followers should be a by product of a wonderful blog, not the main feature. Even though this Bloglovin competition is something you’ll never win, do you really want to if its just based on how many followers you have?

Take a break | Take a few days off if you’re not feeling it, you’ve taken breaks before and come back stronger and more inspired. I know it feels like you’ve got loads of pressure on you to give great content, but you can’t do that if you’re feeling frustrated, can you Jodie? Your blog will always be here waiting for you. 

Take a look at your favourite blogs | You always think you want your blog to be like them, so work out why? What exactly is it that you love about them so much. Pull inspiration from them. Don’t copy their posts, that’s plagiarism, but instead use their posts to inspire your own? Maybe to inspire your photography or your writing style?

Tidy your room | You know what they say, ‘tidy rooms lead to tidy minds’ or something like that anyway. Do a bit of spring cleaning and you’ll be happier for it. You’ll feel free and like a weight has been lifted. Who knows, maybe while you’re distracted cleaning up, a post idea might pop into your head. 

Have a pamper day | If all else fails then treat yourself. Whack out your best face mask, take some Lush bath bombs and just relax. Let all the pressure slip away and just stop focusing on the fact you feel like rubbish cause you’re not ‘inspired’. It’ll come back, but first you might want to moisturise your legs? This is a pamper day and you always forget to do that so give your legs a treat!

Don’t worry yourself silly | Honestly where is it going to get you? You’re only going to be more annoyed at yourself. Blogging is supposed to be your hobby. You shouldn’t feel like this. Just stop fretting, eat some chocolate and watch a good film. You’ll get over this feeling in no time.

Love Jodie xo.