For When You’re in a Blogging Rut | Some Blog Post Ideas

It’s not uncommon for me to go through phases with jodie loue. One minute I’m bursting with ideas for posts, and the next I’m stuck in a rut. So for when I’m feeling slightly stuck, or you are, here are some ideas for some posts. 

1) A wishlist
2) What’s in your makeup bag?
3) Your AM/PM skincare routine
4) Your thoughts on current trends like strobing or contouring for example
5) A life lately post
6) Products you’ve hit pan on
7) Empties
8) Organisation of your blog
9) Your blogging process
10) A good ol’ haul post
11) Hand/lip/body/hair care essentials
12) OOTD
13) 5 product focus of a brand (like Rimmel, Revlon, Bourjois, Mac, the list is endless)
14) Seasonal nail polishes
15) Makeup Storage
16) Your favourite foundations/concealers/powders etc
17) Current favourites of the month or week
18) Pamper routine
19) Makeup brush collection
20) TV shows you’re loving