Worth the Hype? L’oreal Infallible 24h Matte

Forgive my super pale hands in the middle of summer, I’m a tan-o-phobe and just generally a vampire. My skin is practically translucent all year round. Anyway, I digress. Remember when the L’oreal Infallible 24H Matte foundation was talked about on everyone’s blogs back when it first launched? Well me being me, decided I needed in on that hype. I also recently put up a post about what’s in my holiday makeup bag and asked if you lovely people wanted a review of this foundation. Well the answer was yes, so here I am writing this.

The shade range isn’t fantastic, in fact quite the opposite, but I have found the palest shade is a pretty decent match for my skin, bonus points to L’oreal for that difficult feat. I’ve not tried wearing this for 24 hours either as honestly, why would you want to wear foundation for that long? But it does hold for a good 12 hours without looking too patchy. I’ve also found that it applies matte, I don’t need a face powder. You heard that right, you don’t need to powder your face to mattify the foundation. Although after about 8 hours of wear I’ve found I do need to powder my T-zone but who can complain at that? It’s also pretty high coverage so you could probably skip out on the concealer too. I feel it’s practically unheard of for a foundation from the high street to be able to have that in it’s repertoire. I remember a common theme amongst reviews was that this oxidised really easily, but I haven’t had that problem, so I’m not quite sure what to say on that matter. Now the bad bit, this clings to dry patches like nothing else I’ve ever used (okay that’s a lie, the L’oreal True Match is far worse for that) when you have combination skin like myself, I find that I need to exfoliate my face manually a lot more often to prevent the dry patches. But for the price of this foundation, I think I can live with it.

So is the L’oreal foundation worth the hype? In a nutshell, yes it is. If you have dry skin maybe steer clear of this, but for us oily girls, this is definitely a foundation to try.

What are your thoughts on this foundation?