Can I eat Nakd Bars everyday?

I’m a curious person and my job kind of satisfies that (I’m an Online Shopper) and one thing everyone seems to buy is Nakd bars. Naturally a girl gets curious and wants to know what the hype is with these and also what they taste like.

I have what I guess you could call a vegetarian mind. I hate, HATE fat on meat and I cannot and refuse to eat meat off the bone and quite frankly if I wasn’t living with my parents I’d probably have converted to being a veggie or maybe even a vegan. When I was asked by Natural Balance Foods if I’d like some of these to try, I had to give them a go to quell the insatiable curiosity inside me.

So I guess you want the deets on this bars. Well, they’re vegan bars that are kind of like healthy cereal bars, and the ingredients are ‘smooshed’ together to create the bar, with nothing being baked making them raw. They’re wholefood snacks at their finest, and they really do provide a filler for that awkward time between lunch and dinner. They also happen to be gluten, wheat and dairy free so if you have intolerance’s then you should be covered. The best part is they count as 1 of your 5 a day, so not only are they ridiculously healthy and good for you, but they’re super tasty too!

Berry Delight has become my real favourite with Cocoa Delight and Cocoa Orange being firm runner ups. The thing is they taste exactly as they sound. Rhubarb & Custard, Bake well Tart and Ginger Bread all taste like the real thing. With other flavours like Caffe Mocha, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Mint, Pecan Pie there really is something for everyone. James had to test these out with me and with everyone he tried he kept saying ‘This is my favourite!’. With him being more of the health conscious one out of the two of us, they certainly received his praise from that front. Now the only real problem is with my upcoming supermarket discount I can see myself buying a fair few of these after I’ve finished a shift. Popping a few of these in my handbag for when I’m out will really help me stop buying chocolate and also help stop the hunger pains

James has asked me when I visit him at uni to bring a couple of these with me, and so now it’s like a love affair has started. Have you ever tried Nakd Bars? If not, then will you try them? Let me know in the comments below!

*Pr Sample sent for review