The £3 Eyeliner that is Holy Grail Material

I remember buying this about 2 years ago after hearing Hello October rave about this. I figured it was cheap and would do the trick. Little did I know it would prove to set the bar for all the other liquid eyeliners I tried. I guess when you have no expectations for a product, it allows you to be pleasantly surprised.

The Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner (£3) is not only ridiculously cheap (although it is on sale for £2 right now, so it’s even cheaper!) but it ticks all the boxes an eyeliner should. Is it actually black? Well it’s as black as my brand new Topshop Leigh Jeans but unlike them doesn’t get lighter. Does it actually stick around all day? I can put it on in the morning and it still looks near perfect when I come to remove it. What about the applicator I hear you ask. Well it’s a thin nib thing (we get real technical on jodie loue) that is equal parts stiff yet soft so it’s applies really easily and you can make it as thicj or as thin as you want it. If you’re awful at eyeliner, there’s no excuse when it comes to using this one. It’s literally like using a pen, except a liquid one. The best thing is it dries quick enough that you’re not hanging around waiting for it to dry, but then it dries slow enough that if you make a mistake it’s damn easy to fix or remove it all together and start again. It’s an eyeliner that knows to stick around all day but the moment you touch it with any type of remover it’s gone. Have I sold it to you? Because I think after reading this I’ve sold it to myself again. While it’s on offer I might go stock up, because this is an eyeliner I just can’t bear to be without. Like I said in the title, it’s holy grail material.

Have you tried the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner?