A Life & Blog Update

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If you’re vigilant enough then you might know already that the new post every two days I promised, hasn’t been, well, kept up with. I could lie and say I’ve been busy and my life is brimming to the top with exciting things but it’s simply not true.

I’m literally kicking myself as this post is typical me. Last minute and not at all organised but I’m still wishing I wrote this up like two days ago. (Seriously though if anyone has any ideas of how I can get more organised then I’m all ears, I need all the help I can get). I’m a disorganised, organised person. I know how to make it seem like I have my life together and my memory makes up for the laziness of not writing out what I need to do in a diary. Quite frankly though, the front of ‘having my life together’ has burnt through all my energy, that and the fact I’m waking up most days at 4am, maybe even 3am for work. I bloody love my job, just not the early hours, and as such come midday I’m tired and don’t want to do anything. My body clock is in a constant state of being ahead of everyone and my mind wants to do all these things for my blog, but my laziness just keeps on winning. I’ve also applied to study Nursing at Uni, and well they’ve not got back to me nearly a month on from my application and it’s starting to bug me a little. I’ve been feeling like life has been passing me by, and I’m just there, that Britney Spears song ‘I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman’ has never been more appropriate to me.

My blog isn’t going on the back burner, in fact I’m hoping this post will give me a kick in the right direction to get my life together. I’m now going to post 3 days a week, on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday, and when I’m feeling super organised I’ll do a weekend post. This probably doesn’t make much of a difference to you guys, and you probably don’t care, but the fact my words are on a metaphorical piece of paper means I kind of have to stick to this. I’m hoping I stick to it anyway. 

If you’ve got any words of wisdom or general uplifting quotes, then please leave them in the comments below. I feel like I’ve dropped my motivation and I can’t be bothered to pick it up. Like I said I need all the help I can get!

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