A mini Lush Haul

Lush seems to be everyone’s favourite shop once Autumn hits, and for this girl, it’s no exception. While I was in Chester I thought it would be rude not to hit up the local Lush shop and see what goodies I can find.
It didn’t take me long to find the Comforter bubble bar. I’ve never tried it before but when Kate dedicates a whole post to it, you know you need it in your life. The hype is true too guys, not only does it smell insanely good, but it actually feels like a hug in a bar form. It also turns the water pink and slightly bubbly depending on how much you crumble in. I don’t think I’m ever having a bath without this now. I live for the silky smooth feeling it gives my skin. I’ve also seen the Comforter Shower Cream doing it’s round and I can confirm it is as good as everyone makes out. The sales assistant commented that I’d picked up both, but even she agreed it was worth it. It smells of berries and again feels like a snug hug in a bottle. It’s the perfect substitution for Snow Fairy. Both feel comforting, and I can now see how accurate the name is.

When Autumn hits I like to think it’s bath season, I don’t know about you but Spring and Summer is for showers and Autumn and Winter is for baths. The Frozen bath bomb not only seemed apt for the season, but I was a huge fan of the film when it was released. Turning my bath a light shade of blue and with the uplifting scent of rose, it’s hard not to sing ‘Let It Go’at the top of my lungs. Something tells me my parents wouldn’t be too pleased.

I’ve done a review of Grease Lightning where I kind of sat on the fence with my thoughts. So no one is surprised as me at the repurchase of this. When it started to run out, and instead, to use it up quicker I decided to apply it as a serum, over a targeted spot treatment, did I see the magic. It’s far better as a preventive measure than a cure, and the witch hazel seems to really get along with my skin.

What should I pick up next in Lush? What are your favourite products?

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