Batiste or Colab

dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo is as vital as food for me. I have next to no volume in my hair and my roots like to be a little bit oily. The idea of washing my hair every day also doesn’t feel right for me, so for the in between days, I NEED dry shampoo.
I’ve never actually seen a comparison of Batiste and Colab surprisingly, but everyone is more than happy to say how superior Colab is with no justification as to why.

I picked up Colab amidst all the hype and also when I was fed up of the white cast that the Batiste formula tends to leave. I was wishful that the fact this doesn’t leave one behind I had found my new weapon of choice but I have to say I’m on the fence with this product. For starters, there’s no white cast to be found here but that seems to be all I can say I love about it. I don’t feel like it refreshes my hair and makes it look clean. Maybe I’m a little bit harsh, it does give me some volume if I spray it underneath my hair and jussh it up a bit, but I don’t feel it’s worthy of the hype it received. It’s for clean hair only in my opinion, and works to add some volume and texture to my hair over being an actual dry shampoo. Although I do love the smells of each one, and Monaco has to be my favourite. The packaging is also a lot more appealing and just generally prettier than Batiste.

On the other hand, Batiste actually works to refresh my hair and make it feel clean. I’ve fallen out with the ones that aren’t for brunette hair as I cannot be bothered with the white cast that seems to cling to my hair no matter how much I brush it out. When I did discover the dry shampoos for coloured hair, it was a bit of a revolutionary discovery for me. I got volume and a hair refresh and added texture. Now the packaging is for a younger age group, and the scent isn’t there, but I can live with that for a product that does what it says on the tin

If I had to choose, then Batiste all the way, but for the coloured variety. Colab left me slightly disappointed, and I always seem to think ‘am I applying this right?’, but really can you apply it wrong? Maybe it doesn’t agree with my hair? Let me know your thoughts on both in the comments below.

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