When you’re wearing pretty underwear it’s almost a given that it’s going to be a good day. Bralettes are the perfect bridge for lovely looking undergarments while also being amazingly comfy. I’m talking about the ‘am I wearing a bra?’ comfy.

I know that bralettes are everywhere and you’re probably sick of seeing them and hearing about them maybe, (but don’t you just love the word bralette, it just sounds soothing) but they really are almost a revelation when you wear them. I can’t get over how pretty they are, and with my first dabble into them being thanks to an ASOS premier sale, I quickly added a Monki bralette (it’s so damn soft!) to my online bag and the rest is history. I have a fair few already in various other baskets waiting to be purchased, mainly from American Eagle Outfitters thanks to Lily Melrose. I can guarantee that they’re perfect for both going out or staying in, and how many pieces in your wardrobe can you say that about?

There really is something just magical about comfy yet attractive underwear and if it makes me feel confident then I’m all for it. So if you have the inside knowledge of where to get these, I’m more than happy to throw some money their way. Do you own any bralettes? 

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