Eye Priming It | Budget to High End

While jodie loue is somewhat of a budget based beauty blog, I do sometimes like to splurge a little. Mainly on skincare, but the odd makeup product manages to slip through to.
I’ve pretty much reviewed all of these eye primers at some point too over on my little corner of the web, so if you’re a long time reader then you probably already know my thoughts.

Let’s start with the budget option; the Essence I Heart Stage eye primer is the cheapest option here. While it performs amazingly well for the very few pennies I parted with for this, the real problem here is the orange vibes it gives off. My eye shadow can stick around for hours without any creasing, but I always find the shades have a warmer tone to them thanks to the eye primer blending out to leave behind an orange hue on my eyelid. It always feel like Soap & Glory do very little wrong and their eye primer ‘It’s about Prime’ doesn’t show any sign of that . Unlike the Essence one, it translates to a white smooth hue on the eyelid that really allows the shade of the eye shadow to shine through. Although it takes less time for the creasing to happen than Essence and if you work it out gram for gram then this is the most expensive eye primer here, it just looks so much better on the lid, but yep, you heard right, the Urban Decay primer potion is actually middle of the range and out of all the primers I own is my favourite. It’s almost a cult product for extending the longevity of your eye shadow. With this I can safely assume that my eye shadow will look perfect all day. I can also say that it applies clear so you wouldn’t even be able to detect it if you accidentally go a little bit overboard with it, unlike the other two. 

Can you tell I love the Urban Decay Primer potion? What’s your favourite eye primer?

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