Original or Waterproof? Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner

I don’t truly feel like Jodie without a slick of eyeliner in the morning. It’s a skill I’ve perfected and often get asked how to do. The answer to that is a whole other blog post (let me know if you want a post like that). Now if you’ve seen my review of the Fast Stroke eyeliner, you’ll know how much I love it, so when I saw they had a waterproof formula, my hand may have uncontrollably put it into my basket without a second thought.

The top and bottom of this is choose the original over the waterproof. I should’ve done my research but I just expected it to be good because the original is. It’s shortcomings are something I’m actually sad to say. On my hand the waterproof version is near perfect, but it doesn’t translate to my eyes (fyi, they ain’t oily). The brush is the exact same in both, but it seems to apply far streakier with the waterproof. Continuous dipping is not something I like to do but with the waterproof it’s non negotiable. The first time I wore the waterproof formula it flaked, then as I’ve continued my experimentation it doesn’t seem to, and it also does seem to be waterproof but not. Sometimes it seems to be and sometimes it doesn’t. Now the original stays intact and doesn’t flake, it’s also a hell of a lot blacker than the waterproof which happens to dry a matte black. I want that fresh ‘I just applied my eyeliner’ look like you get with the original. I’m actually underwhelmed by the waterproof offering, and I don’t think it’ll get a repurchase when the original is just exactly what you want in an eyeliner.

Have you tried either eyeliner? How do you feel about the waterproof eyeliner?

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