Simple Soap | The Perfect Makeup Brush Cleanser

Brush cleaning is something we all loathe doing but is entirely necessary. None of us want bad skin now do we? Baby shampoo really used to be the only thing I considered using and every time I used it my brushes just didn’t feel quite clean. When everyone swears by something and you can’t get on board with the idea, don’t you feel like a black sheep?

A while ago I saw a blog post suggesting using bars of soap to clean makeup brushes with. It was almost like a light bulb moment went off in my head. I also believe the post mentioned the Simple soap bars (which by the way are really really cheap, B&M is the place to go for these slippery wonders). I was only paying £1 for my baby shampoo, so paying £1 for 2 bars of Simple soap was really no skin off my back.

Trying out the new technique was actually quite therapeutic. I’m the kind of gal who lives in a permanent state of stress, and every now and then it all bubbles to the surface and I need an outlet. Transforming dirty makeup brushes to clean ones turned out to be the perfect outlet. Buffing the wet brush onto the surface of the soap bar and really working it in is the recipe here. You literally see all the makeup being released from the brushes, and you can’t argue with me when I say that there’s nothing quite satisfying about doing a job you hate so perfectly. One brush in particular was stained by foundation for months and nothing, I repeat, nothing would get it out. Then the magic of soap worked it’s wonders and the staining is just a faint distant memory. It makes me feel ahead of the game, and who doesn’t love that feeling.

If bars of soap are gentle enough for your hands then the logic can be extended to makeup brushes right? My brushes feel the cleanest ever, they also feel ridiculously soft and best of all not one hair has been shed. I can see myself still doing this when I’m old and wrinkly, because why fix something that isn’t broken? Unless they discontinue the Simple soap… then I’m in a pickle!

Have you ever tried using soap to clean your makeup brushes.

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