Jumping on the Bandwagon | Tweezerman Tweezers

Does anyone else resist a hyped up product just because? You all probably know the spiel about Tweezerman tweezers and how they’re hailed as the best tweezers out there, but you know when you just don’t believe the hype because there’s just to much of it? Well your girl finally went and gave in.

Let’s be honest, you’re here to either read why I’m converted because they’re your holy grail, or you’re here in the hopes I’ll convince you to part with your cash. Well, let me give you all the need to know basics. No hair can escape the power of these tweezers. I wish I was exaggerating but, alas, I’m not. All those stray hairs that you kind of have to wait to reach the right length to pluck out with your 99p tweezers (the story of my life) don’t even escape. The reason they’re raved about is, well, because they’re the best tweezers out there. I don’t say those words lightly either.

I feel you when you say you don’t want to part with £21 for a pair of tweezers no matter how good they are, so here I am to give you a happy medium. These tweezers are the petite ones, and they come with a case and they cost £12.50. Plus the case is pink. If I haven’t already sold these to you (I’m not being sponsored to either, these just revolutionised my brows) then let me tell you that I now actually enjoy plucking my eye brows. Enjoy is a strong word, I mean more like don’t mind no more. The job now gets done in less than 5 minutes and my eyebrows now look like eyebrows again. Let’s not forget that Tweezerman offer a service of sharpening their tweezers for free, and who doesn’t love great customer service like that?

Have you tried Tweezerman tweezers? What did you think? Or are you finally going to cave and buy them? Let me know in the comments below.

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