The Face Oil That Sorts Out My Oily Complexion

My skin is in need of some serious TLC as of late. It’s practically every different skin type you could imagine – oily, blemish prone (the norm), dry, and normal. Combination is definitely an umbrella term here. Nevertheless the power of face oil is one I’ve been long exposed to but sometimes a girl forgets about her first foray into expensive skincare.

This oil ain’t cheap, but the effects are well worth the price tag. The Clarins Lotus Oil is always the one to break me out of sad skin days. Applying this at night not only lets the magic work a little bit longer but spares me looking like an oil slick in the day (gross thought).

So you’re probably wondering what the ‘magic’ is that I’m referring to. I’ll enlighten us all (I didn’t know before this post, research is the name of the game). Containing antioxidant rich Hazelnut Oil – preventing signs of ageing and moisture loss, Rosewood and Geranium – which purify and normalise, and Lotus extract which helps with balance, is what whips the skin back into shape. It’s a 100% pure plant formula and boy is this stuff potent.

I know whenever my skin is in a bind that with a couple of weeks of using this every evening, I can pretend if I squint that I have Victoria Secret-esque skin. It really is something I’ll always come back to, particularly at this time of the year. It’s my second vial (bottle? tub?) and when this runs out I know I’ll be straight back repurchasing. It lasts a fair while too, four drops is all that’s needed to cover an entire face.

What face oils do you use? Have you ever tried this Clarins Oil?