Cover FX

When it comes to makeup, testing out base products has to be my favourite thing. I’d probably disagree with that statement when my skin is having a break out moment. High end base products are something I’ve never really tried. Having a limited budget means I tend to opt for higher end skincare instead but I think trialling the Cover FX might have just changed my mind.

The Cream Concealer* is just uh-mazing! Let’s start with the coverage which is pretty damn high, I’m talking higher than the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. It’s also a lot easier to blend in and comes in far more shade options, I’m talking probably ten times the options. It lasts all day and I’ve had plently of blemishes to try this on as of late and never once has it let me down. It’s also in a squeezy tube meaning I can get out exactly how much I need and it’s just a far cleaner, hygienic option.

The Pressed Mineral Foundation* is almost a wildcard for me. Never once have I tried a mineral foundation or one of the pressed variety. It’s like I’ve discovered a whole new world, one where my skin can achieve high coverage ‘you can’t see my blemishes no matter how hard I look in a magnifying mirror’ kind of feeling. It mattifies my oily skin too, meaning I can truly control where I want to highlight without worrying my own natural glands will help add to that. This foundation lasts all day, and being that it’s a powder it doesn’t feel cakey either. If I start to get those vibes I can quite literally dust it off with a brush. One thing I do have to point out is that it clings to dry patches like no tomorrow, if you’re dry skin maybe skip this foundation, but for all you oily gals this could be your holy grail. You can thank me later!

Coming in a bajillion different shades means I’ve actually got a foundation/concealer duo that is my complexion shade, I think I might be converted to higher end makeup because it just works better? Do you know what I mean? Although I think it’ll be a gradual thing, cause I’m still poor.

Have you tried anything from Cover FX? Do you have any high coverage or high end foundations/concealers to recommend to me?

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