Dove DermaSpa Skincare

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that Dove is an iconic brand. We’ve all heard about it and if your Nanna was anything like mine then all she swore by was Dove. I remember sneakily nipping to her bathroom to use their body lotions and potions, and the smell is something to this day I just love. Their new DermaSpa* range smells like Dove, there’s no other way to describe it and I think I might have found the bodycare that will happily see me through winter (Yep, I’m planning that far ahead).

When an email asking me if I wanted to test out their new DermaSpa range popped into my inbox, well I’d have been a fool not to accept. Like I said, Dove is iconic to me. This range is their most scientifically advanced yet combining dermatological care with spa-like formulations. Their message is simple, our bodies should be treated with the exact care we apply to our face. I’ll hold my hands up and say, I’m all for anything facial skincare, but applying body skincare seems to take a great heap of effort out of me.

There’s two ranges within the DermaSpa range. Firstly there’s the Goodness3 which is designed to improve skin’s texture – making it velvety soft. I mean who doesn’t want to get into that hype? Then there’s the Uplifted+ range which restore the skin’s elasticity by supplying moisture and nourishment. I got two hand creams, their Intensive and Goodness3, two body oils, their Uplifted+ and Goodness3, their Uplifted+ body roll on, and their Summer Revived Body Lotion.

I could talk all day about how bloody fantastic each product is. Their Summer Revived lotion transforms my pasty white legs into a healthier looking shade, and just smells delicious (but please don’t eat it). Every single time after shaving I’m applying this, it’s that good. Upon first glance of the massaging body roll on I kind of thought it was a deodorant but further reading proved I was a little off the mark. Being 18 I can’t feel the full effects of this but I do get a nice tingle in the areas that are a little jiggly like my thighs.

Their hand creams and body oils are where it’s at that. The hand creams are making my extremely dehydrated hands bearable and healthy again and don’t take an age to sink in. They also don’t feel greasy either, and I think they reverse about 5 years of aging. But the oils are heavenly. There is no other way to describe it. I smell amazing when I’ve used these and I just want to sniff my arms all day long (not like a crazy lady though).

The Goodness3 one has to be my favourite product from their range. It’s gold for a start guys! Also it’s designed for dry skin, which thanks to winter practically already in place up north means it’s prematurely arrived for the year. It’s also one of the most divine scents I think I’ve ever had the pleasuring of smelling, Expect to get fed up of seeing it because it’s probably going to worm it’s way into a lot of posts.

What do you think of Dove’s new range?

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*PR Samples sent for review, as always my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.