For Better Skin

I’m slightly obsessed with bettering my skin right now, it’s in such a poor condition that my mission in life is to wake up with clearer skin for at least a month. We all have to dream big right? They also do say that if you can dream it you can achieve it, so I’m hoping that with some skin loving friends I’ll be there in no time.

The Nexcare Acne pads have opened up a whole new world for me. A world where I don’t pick my skin and create unnecessary aggravations to already existing spots. Popping one of these on to leave for 12 hours means that a) I don’t touch and pick and b) the spot is pretty much non existent in half a day. It’s pure magic

I always see Sudocrem talked about for helping spots, but never Germolene/Savlon. To me it makes far more sense to use an antiseptic over something that is needed for nappy rashes. It stops swelling and makes sure that no infections can develop. If it’s good enough for a cut on my leg, it’s good enough to help heal spots. Although if Sudocrem works for you then you do you, I’m not here to judge.

I swear Avene is my favourite brand for skincare and you’re probably fed up of hearing about it, but their Cleanance range is just everything us blemish prone people could ever need. Their mask calms everything down and just helps prevent any nasty developments. No stripped feeling is involved here, just baby soft, smooth, calm skin. It also doesn’t break you out, which means I can use this before an important date and be sure that I won’t wake up to any surprises in the morning.

The Better Skin foundation actually does live up to it’s name. It may stain your makeup brushes for which I have a solution right here, but it doesn’t break me out and it also helps to improve my skin with continued use. It’s also a pretty good shade match (by the way, Ivory is super dark, I’m light beige and I’m vampire pale levels) and good coverage. It may not deliver perfect clear skin, (I mean come on, it’s a foundation after all) but it does help to keep everything minimal and I can trust it in my days of need.

What do you use to help better your skin?

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