Holly Stevens Cosmetics

Makeup posts have been a little lacking around these parts lately. Well here I am today changing all that. Have you ever heard of Holly Stevens Makeup? Nope? Neither had I. Although I think this might be my favourite photo I’ve taken for this blog, so thanks Holly Stevens Cosmetics. I’m getting better guys (please tell me you think the same).

I will admit I was a quite excited when their products arrived in my mailbox. Black packaging just holds a grip on my heart (even if it does get a little dirty) and contour palettes make me swoon a little. I didn’t quite know what to expect, I mean when you haven’t heard of a brand before you don’t really have any expectations do you? 

The one product I can’t get on board with is their eye pencil* as an eye pencil. I’m a liquid liner gal through and through so whenever I go near a pencil I always tend to think I’m about to stab myself in the contact lens. I don’t own any brown shades though, and I have to say I love how this is in between a black and a brown. Baby steps are certainly needed to convert me, and it does make a lovely eyeliner, it’s just the whole ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ scenario that’s happening here. However, the shade is perfect for my brows, I may not like it as an eye liner but for a brow pencil you can’t go wrong.

Doesn’t their Contouring Palette* remind you a little of that certain Anastasia one? Swatch wise they do seem a little weak, but when applied to your face it’s a different story. I can’t contour very well, so I tend to go overboard and spend what feels like a week blending it in, so I like how this came with a guide. It tells you which shade is for contouring, which is for bronzing and which is for highlighting. It also comes with a banana shade powder, perfect for under eyes. I’ve been using this non stop since it arrived.

Tell me I’m not the only one who always thinks the worst about mascaras? The Holly Stevens mascara* is like nothing else I’ve tried. Having quite full lashes mean mine tend to clump together and I think this is the first mascara I’ve tried that picks up what feels like, every lash. It certainly adds length and volume and even provoked a compliment from my sister (which she never does). One coat looks really natural, but with a few I have what looks like, natural fake lashes. I couldn’t be more impressed with a mascara.

Will you be trying anything from Holly Stevens Cosmetics?

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*PR Samples sent for review. Everything I’ve said is exactly what I feel and is only influenced by how well the product actually works.