I’ll Miss You When You’re Gone | Skincare Edition

Don’t you just hate getting to the end of a product you adored? I always find they run out at the same time too (is it a law of physics or do I just have magical unlucky powers?). I usually end up repurchasing skincare that does the job well, but I have so much I’m trying to whittle it down. So these are just temporary goodbyes, but I will miss these guys when they’re all used up.
I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the La Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser but it is damn good. It really helps whip my skin back to some sort of ship shape condition. I also notice that I have a little hallelujah moment when it comes to my oil levels and spots dry up far, far quicker with a little bit of love from this cleanser.

Why can’t La Roche Posay release the Effaclar toner as a stand alone product? I refuse to buy it in the set again just on principle, but this stuff really minimises my oiliness levels. To me, it feels really refreshing to use and just leaves my skin feeling like it’s being taken cared of. I think combined with the cleanser counterpart it really does help to get rid of spots that little bit quicker!

My love for the Avene Cleanance Expert Serum is well documented so I won’t harp on for too long. In short, it soothes my irritated skin, calms down redness and just injects some moisture in my skin. Whatever your feelings towards Effaclar Duo +, you need to try this. They make an awesome pairing, or it’s a far more gentle alternative. Plus Escentual have 10-15% off everything right now. It’s going to be in my basket by the end of the day.

I know I’ve just discovered the Boots Witch Hazel and Tea Tree range, but this Night Treatment Gel really is the bees knees. I can guarantee my skin won’t decide break out overnight when I’ve slathered some of this on my face. My skin adores Witch Hazel and Tea Tree so repurchasing this is a no brainer.

Another product I’ve recently talked about is the Clarins Lotus Oil. Now it’s winter up North (it may as well be), I’ve really needed to add some moisture into my skin that doesn’t end in my skin deciding it wants to audition for 101 Dalmatians. It really helps to resurface and up the condition of my skin. Baby smooth skin is now one step closer. Oil for oily skin is probably the best discovery. Ever.

What skincare will you miss when it’s used up?