Mandara Spa | Possibly the Best Smelling Products Ever

When winter starts to roll around, so does my motivation for actually performing some sort of a body care routine. For me now is the season of indulging in baths, which means I need all of the products to help me feel as pampered as possible and I may have found my answer in the form of Mandara Spa.

I don’t think I can say a bad word about anyone of their products I’ve tried here, and seeing as it’s a new venture it’s always nice when a brand leaves a lovely lasting first impression. The Tropical Blooms Beauty Oil is probably the most calming ever I’ve used. Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are most certainly promiment, and I’m more than happy to douse myself in it. Be it in the form of a bath oil, leaving my skin ridiculously soft, or as a hair oil or just as a good old fashioned moisturiser, it hits the right notes everytime.

Their Hand Butter and Foot Butter not only smell gorgeous, but they’re the perfect overnight moisturisers. My feet are usually neglected and my hands always like to remind me how dry they are at this time of year. Using both of these products has actually forced my hand to apply them as they just smell so darn good. They both contain shea butter so you know it’s going to be a pretty heavy formula, but at night time isn’t that exactly what we want? My skin felt nourished and soft after one use so they certainly tick the right boxes for me.

I just can’t help myself, and I may have saved my favourite products for last. The Bali Santi Firming Body Lotion and Blooming Bath and Shower Oil are now regulars in my bath time routine. The bath and shower oil is just perfect for helping me unwind after a long day. It fills my bathroom with the loveliest spicy yet floral scent and leaves me feeling like I’ve just spent the day in a spa. The silky skin is just an excellent side effect. Their body lotion leaves me feeling the exact same way, and thanks to the handy squeezy dispenser thing means I don’t go overboard with how much I apply. They really do bring the spa experience to your home. Being packed with Coconut Oil and Almond Oil, it really is no surprise.

Have you tried anything from Mandara Spa? What do you think?

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*Contains PR samples sent to review