Motivating the Procrastinator

You know what should be my middle name? Procrastinator. Maybe it’s the fact I’m an Aquarius, or maybe it’s the fact it’s a learnt behaviour (shoutout to mum always saying ‘I’ll do the ironing now’ and then proceeding to deep clean the entire house just so she didn’t have to). Either way, seeing as it’s a familiar habit, I’d like to think I know just the way to trick myself into actually motivating myself.

Create To Do Lists

I honestly didn’t believe the hype behind these guys, but you know what? They work. The night before I write down everything I would like to achieve (nothing too ambitious here like never ever getting a blemish again) and I find something so satisfying about ticking it off. That satisfaction is what I think motivates me to do the task at hand. It’s like a healthy addiction.

Focus on One Task at a Time

I remember reading somewhere that we might think we’re being more productive by doing two things at once (like watching tv and being on my phone – majorly guilty of this) but it actually expends more activity and we become more tired. I’ve started to focus on battling through one task at a time and I’m actually finishing anything I need to do a load quicker. Plus it minimizes distractions, like the Kim K Hollywood game.

Reward Yourself

Everytime I tick off a task on my to do list I treat myself. Be it with food, or phone time or Once Upon a Time. Either one works for me, but that being said it might not for you. Work out what you can use as your metaphorical carrot to get you working. I almost feel a bit like a dog teaching myself to sit, but I’ll take that if it means I can actually do something productive.

Encourage Yourself

This kind of links in with the last point, but if we aren’t our own biggest cheerleaders, who else is going to be? I like to encourage myself by seeing any little thing I achieve as an achievement regardless. Writing a paragraph for a blog post or writing the whole thing is something to give myself a pat on the back for. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and…

Have a Positive Only Attitude

I’m fed up of being a Negative Nelly when it comes to my work ethic. I procrastinate because I am my own worst enemy. Instead of berating myself, I’ve found by going in with a postive can-do attitude, I’m not only encouraging myself, I’m also helping myself complete tasks and I’ve found everything takes half the time as I’m only putting a positive spin on things. The only time I can be somewhat negative about anything is when I’m ill/tired or hangry, and both of those are solved by sleeping or eating. 

What do you do to motivate yourselves? Do you ever procrastinate?

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