My Skincare Secret

I feel like I’ve been a bit skin care heavy over here recently, but it’s a real work in progress for me right now (hence all the posts). In the process, I’ve realised probably the most common sense thing – find things that work and STICK to them. No more chopping and changing for me unless a product runs out.

Did you know about Boots own spot fighting range? Or were you like me and just completely overlooked the whole thing? The exception to my new rule is the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel (from that range we all knew about but never actually tried). Long name, but the top and bottom of this is that it works. It works real good. It’s been putting my skin through it’s paces and whenever I use this, the result is pretty much next day immediate. No more spots popping up, the oil levels in my t-zone are just considerably reduced and it’s a bit like a light moisturiser/serum. Thanks to this, I truly think those horrible cystic blemishes are a thing of the past.

I apply this after my toner and maybe before my moisturiser, it all depends on how frustrating my skin is being. I think one by product of good skincare tends to be the steep price, but for three measly pounds I can happily repurchase this gel goodness without feeling my bank account cringing. It also doesn’t smell offensive, I think it has a fresh scent that I wouldn’t have thought would offend anyone. It sinks in darn quickly, and doesn’t leave a tight feeling behind. Personally for me it feels like when you’ve used a really minty toothpaste and when you breathe in it feels kind of icy but in a milder form. The tea tree and witch hazel seem to dry out the blemishes and just generally soothe them.

The whole range is ridiculously cheap and they even have charcoal face masks and peel off masks. They both sound right up my street. It just seems like a real underrated range that’s definitely a hidden gem.

Will you be trying anything from this range? What do you think of this night treatment gel?

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