The Glow Getters

A look I am more determined to pull off is strobing. The one thing that puts me off is instead of looking youthful (which I should be at 18 anyway) and dewy skinned, I always feel like a bit of an oil slick. I’m putting down the powder for the highpoints of my face and swapping it out for the products that make me feel beautifully radiant!

You’ve got to start with a decent base, and my pairing of choice has to be the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and the Seventeen Skin Wow! A post has already been written about the love affair between these two products, but they really are the bee’s knees in pairing. A natural, radiant, dewy look is the name of the game when I decide to pair them up. They’re like a celebrity power couple in my routine that I just adore.

I don’t have pennies to endlessly spare on makeup so naturally the concealer I choose to help me look a bit more awake in the mornings is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. Brightening up my under eyes is a pretty easy feat most days (except when I wake up for work at 3am) and on those days it banishes the beginnings of dark circles and probably makes me look like I’ve had at least 8 hour sleep.

Strobing would not be complete with a highlighter and having three to choose from definitely makes my life a bit easier. The Seventeen Skin Wow! is a triple threat as a primer, highlighter and the pairing I spoke about before. It’s a gorgeous shimmery finish that makes it look like you’re a disney princess. #Goals. The Topshop Glow Stick is perhaps the easiest highlighter I’ve ever used. The dome shape makes it a breeze to apply and it leaves the skin looking plumped and radiant with no hint that the highlighter had done all the hard work for you. If I feel like going all out, the Makeup Revolution highlighter is the one I turn to. A light hand is needed to prevent the glitterball vibes, but I really love the slightly gold sheen this leaves behind.

I’m thinking of maybe posting my face over here to show you the look, give me a shout if that’s something you’d like to see. I want to know what products you class as ‘glow getters’ so let me know?

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