The Importance of a Lazy Day

Everytime I open up the internet all I seem to see is tips on how to be ‘efficient’ or ‘motivated’ and ‘productive’. Pretty much all the words I’d love to describe myself with on a daily basis, but I’m not a robot. For every hour of productivity I feel, there’s probably about 2 hours of me that just wants to nap. I’m a human, and I’m sure I’m not the only who loves a lazy day here and there. So here I am to make you feel better about taking a lazy day, and tell you exactly why they’re important.

Recharge Time

Our lives can be stressful and sometimes it’s nice just to do nothing. Not only does it help to physically recharge us, but also mentally. In a world where our mental health is becoming more under strain, it’s an absolute must to give our brains a bit of a rest. On the days that we need to run around like a headless chicken, our lazy days can be thanked for giving us a mental refresh.

Everyone is Entitled to a Break

We don’t want to run ourselves into the ground, or even an early grave and this point kind of relates with the first one. I know for me whenever I take a day to just do nothing, I always feel a little bit guilty. Like I should still be doing something on my day off. I’m here to tell you that everyone in the world is more than entitled to a day of nothing. We all deserve it, and a break can never be nothing but a good thing.

Our Lives Will Be Better For It

I know for some it can be hard to switch off, but ultimately taking a break can be way more beneficial than we first think. We feel more positive about our tasks ahead and then they’ll be way easier to tackle as we aren’t on a negative spiral where we take hours to accomplish a task because we’re seeking for a 5 minute break or procrastinating by doing something like cleaning the oven. It helps us to focus on exactly what we want to achieve

Lazy Day Activities are Actually Healthy For Us

Waking up late for example means that we’re catching up on sleep that we missed during our busy days. Women are especially more prone to racking up a sleep debt, therefore having a lie in is actually helping us out. Even something like marathoning our favourite tv show is good for us. Laughing is good for our heart, while being scared helps us burn calories! So don’t feel too guilty about watching Parks & Rec or AHS now. Who doesn’t love reading a book? It turns out that it exercises our brain and re-reading your favourite book means that you’ll be able to feel more in touch with your own mental state as you’re connecting with the characters emotions rather than only focusing on the plot.

We all need a break, and even though it might be a Monday, you’ve got the whole week to plan exactly what you’re going to be doing on yours! Are you going to be having a lazy day anytime soon?

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