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Christmas is pretty much over now and that means the New Year is officially on it’s way. I’ll probably be seeing it in from the comfort of my home in a pair of fluffy pyjamas that my parents got me. While that fact will probably never change (I swear I was born with a grandma’s mind), the goals I set for myself change each year. I thought I’d do a little run down on here, after all writing it down somewhere is hopefully going to motivate me to achieve them!

– Continue posting every other day on Jodie Loue

I have oodles of respect for those that can daily blog but it just isn’t for me. Every other day though seems to be working pretty well and I managed to stick to it for the whole of December. Here’s hoping I can actually stick to it for a whole 12 months now.

– Stick with University

While all my friends flew the nest this past September, I’m a few months behind. I’m also not moving out either, it just makes more sense to me. A common feeling among every person was ‘so do I drop out or stick with it?’. I’d be a fool to think it won’t happen to me and I’m hoping my impulsiveness won’t get the better of me. It’s the only way I get to be a nurse, so I just need to suck it up and carry on.

– Reach 1000 followers across all social media and on Bloglovin

This is probably such a vain goal, but I’m pretty much over half way across every social media platform I use and on Bloglovin. 1000 followers just seems like a nice number and I’m pretty certain it’s attainable across the year, right?

– Sort my skin out

You’re all probably sick of me blabbing on about my blemishes, and I’m even more fed up of having to see them on a daily basis. I finally went to the doctors through sheer desperation and I’m currently on antibiotics and Benzoyl Peroxide cream. If things aren’t improving by the summer, I’m being referred to a dermatologist. Fingers crossed that blemishes will soon be a rare occurrence!

– Bake something once a month

At least. Baking is always something I enjoy doing and without blowing my own trumpet, I’m fairly good at it. I want to start a baking section on this blog because nothing photographs nicer than food. Plus I get to eat delicious desserts. My grandparents know how much I love Mary Berry and bought me a cookbook of hers for Christmas so expect to see some of my efforts of recreating her tasty treats.

– Improve my photography

I finally understand the mumbo jumbo that is ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Composition is something I’m working on still but I think *think* I’m getting there. I’d like to believe my photos are improving and I hope they continue to do so. My 40mm lens is sure to help.

What do you think of my goals for 2016? What are yours?

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