Changing My Mind

Do you ever just change your mind on some things randomly one day after giving them that last go? I kind of enjoy being proven wrong when I’m only proving myself wrong. What better way is there to celebrate my wrongness with a post?

Like I said recently, bronzer is a recent discovery and after finding the Topshop Mohawk Bronzer in my stash it was love at first sight again. I never actually disliked it, I just kind of forgot about it and wanted to feature it because I bloody love this stuff (#sorrynotsorry). I go from looking slightly ill to healthy in about 0.002 seconds with a quick swish of this stuff on this face of mine. The Bourjois Blush pot also manages to do that. I wasn’t sold on this because the colour is a deep, rosy pink shade but now it’s winter, it works effortlessly. It lasts all day and a little goes a long way.

Speaking of Bourjois, their Colorband eye shadow sticks just did not work for me to begin with. They pretty much set within seconds and I’m left with eye shadow that isn’t blended out. I’ve realised if I use my fingers and then a brush it looks beautiful. Plus the colours are stunning, it’d be criminal to not find a way to get these to work. While we’re on the topic of aesthetically pleasing things, can we take a minute for the Real Techniques contour brush? Rose Gold is just far too pretty. I won’t lie, it was a love at first use and then downhill from there. I always managed to mess up my foundation because I was being a bit too heavy handed. Less powder is more with this brush. I learnt the hard way. Now we’re back on good terms, because someone doesn’t get excited about their Blame it on Nars palette and pack loads of product on their brush (well I still do, I just pretend I’m not). Contouring is now a breeze and this brush is my secret weapon.

To finish it off I thought I’d save the biggest change of feelings for. I’m going to start with the one I went from loving to being completely unsure about – Zoella Blissful Mistful perfume. I don’t get it. It seems to work for the masses and while it does smell nice, it just seems to disappear just as quick as I’ve sprayed it. I do adore the scent, but spraying it a million times a day isn’t practical. The L’Oreal True Match foundation is the biggest 180 I’ve done for a while. I loathed this foundation. For some reason I just couldn’t get it to work. Streaky, dry patch accentuating, and the hype that I couldn’t seem to see made me infuriated every time I tried this. Now I love the stuff. What changed? I don’t know but while it still does accentuate dry patches, it’s no longer streaky. It’s pretty full coverage and honestly so worth the hype. 

What products have you changed your mind about?

P.S if you read this far you’re honestly a super hero and you’re a lovely person. Sorry for making this super duper long.

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