Highstreet Brands I Trust

I’m a high end coveter, and I will make endless wishlists of MAC eyeshadows I want, but the highstreet brands are one I’m familiar with, so much so I can now impart my wisdom onto any friends that will happily listen and take my advice (HI Sophie, if you’re reading this). I thought I’d do a little round up of the brands from the good ol’ highstreet I trust.

Before this year Soap & Glory was a brand I knew and loved for their bodycare products. My local Boots doesn’t stock their makeup range, so after a little online order I finally got my hands on some. Their Kick Ass Concealer is the bees knees for me. An undereye concealer, blemish concealer, and a powder in one? Yes please. Being a bit of a brow fiend, I knew Archery was another product I had to try. It doesn’t disappoint. With a pen to fill in sparse areas, and a waxy crayon on the other end to shape and define, it’s the all round eye brow favourite. The Sexy Mother gloss stick (which has had a bit of a makeover) is helping me find my feet in the lipstick world. Nudist is every girl, who’s intimidated by makeup, dream.

You can’t talk about the highstreet and not include Bourjois. I don’t think I’ve found a product I haven’t liked yet. Their Healthy Glow Serum is where it’s at in terms of base. It offers a dewy appearance that can easily be mattified, and doesn’t cling to dry patches. Their CC cream is also a dream for all the same reasons, and does exactly what it says on the tin – colour corrects. I’ve just discovered their Pot Blushers offer gorgeous flushes of colours for my ghostly pale cheeks. I don’t think I can look back. Offering me ease, pigmentation, and all round prettiness is their Colorband eyeshadow sticks. They dry quick, but other than that are divine.

While Topshop isn’t high on my radar for makeup, my discoveries have been more than welcomed into my makeup stash. Bronzer is also a new discovery and their Mohawk one is perfect for everyday use. Plus it has a mirror the size of my head. Their cream eyeshadows are also brilliant. One quick sweep and I’m done. Oh, and it lasts all day long.

A highstreet hidden gem has to be Seventeen. They offer some gorgeous products, but I often find them overlooked as they definitely try to appeal more to the teens and tweens. Nevertheless their Skin Wow! Primer and Highlighter is the product to try if you’re into strobing, or dewy bases. You also can’t dismiss their eyeshadows. They’re pigmented, creamy and come in so many different shades, the choice is hard. They’re also so cheap you could buy them all. My favourite concealer I’ve tried in my 18 years comes in the form of their Stay Time concealer, it’s creamy and conceals even the angriest of blemishes.

Maybelline is a tried and trusted brand, and they never seem to disappoint me when it comes to eye products. Lash Sensational has been a big hit with pretty much anyone who’s tried it. What more can I say than it holds a curl, lengthens beautifully and coats every single lash? Their Master Precise eyeliner is my go-to. It’s a felt tip that makes a cat eye flick a piece of cake. I don’t think I could ever be without it.

What brands do you trust from the highsteet? Send your recommendations my way please?

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